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    The Peatland Of The Szökő Brooklet



    Munţii Mădăraş

    GPS: 46.454889, 25.701828

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    The Peatland Of The Szökő Brooklet

    Presentation - The Peatland Of The Szökő Brooklet Racu

    The Peatland of the Szökő Brooklet (or the Peatland from Rákos) is one of the most beautiful and best preserved marshes in Szeklerland. It lies in the north-eastern slope of the peak of Hargita of Madaras (1800 m), at the headwater of Szökő Stream, as a marshy clearing surrounded by spruces. It contains about 25-30 hectares, in a height of 1600-1700 meters. The less abrupt plateau formed in the hillside during the volcanic eruptions attributes to the area 100-150 meters from the top a terraced feature. The waters springing here can run downwards very slowly, thus they soak the soil, creating a particular, marshy-peaty habitat. To and fro we find periodical streams, disappearing in the source marshes. In the clearing we find a raised bog with dwarf spruces. Where the mountainside starts to slope too strongly, the water reappears and there emerges the Szökő Brooklet, famous of its gorgeous waterfall. The raised bogs and source marshes found here are unmost sensitive to human intervention, therefore their natural preservation value is outstanding. They contain in a considerable number glacial relic species, alleviated to survive by the cool climate of the Hargita Mountain. Most of them figures in the “red list” of the rare and vulnerable species. Though the area is often frequented by tourists, it is very surprising that they hardly have information of the existence of this peat land, which  in the absence of a proper treatment can be deteriorated irreversibly, losing all its value.

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